Stop losing money and play poker food – Rule 1

Stop losing money and play poker food – Rule 1

If you are like me you love poker. But it’s not much fun when you lose money. Surprise, surprise, it’s more fun when you win. But most people who lose money playing poker online. Since the poker site to rake a small amount of money from each pot, the result of the game is that, overall, the players go to lose money.

But how can you one thing, to win, and allow it to lose to the other?

There are 5 basic rules should be followed, that when turning the game and make you a consistent winner. If you follow these ideas, you will gain in a position in almost every online small to mid-stakes poker game. If you’re struggling with your game, read on and see if these ideas can help your game.

The game I am addressing is Hold’em, because it is the most popular game played online by far.

Do not take it that I say that this is the only way to play to play, or even necessarily the best way to. But if you were to lose at poker this is a good starting point to turn lose to win in poker. Once you consistently win, of course, from here to branch out and play other hands, and other strategies when the situation calls for it. This is simply a starting point.

The five principles are:

1 Buyable good starting hands
2 Respect Table positioning
3 taxes, how many players are in the hand
4 hands you do not hunt
5 Lose Your Cool never

Each of these rules even enough to lose, turn to be in profit. But let all 5 together is almost a guarantee that you consistently win money.

This article deals with Rule # 1, playing good starting hands.

It only makes sense if you start having better cards than the other players in a particular hand, more likely to win the hand than if you start behind in the hand with weaker cards are you. If you watch poker on TV, as they show the announcement percent chance that each hand wins the pot.

Of course, the cards can win a hand, as long as there is a 1% chance sometimes the 1% is going to happen. But if we try to stop losing money, or to gain more money then our game is stronger to limit starting hands where we have a better chance at the beginning of the hand at the top is a very good place to put your game improve.

Of course, if we AA we know that this is the best hand, so we are going to play the hand. If we instead we know 72 that is the weakest hand and so we did not play. But somewhere between these two hands, we need to draw the line, what cards we play and what we do not.

Situations counts a lot – we have to act first or the? (Rule No. 2 covered) How many players are seated at the table? (Rule # 3) our stack How large is in contrast to the other players? Is this a tournament or a ring game? And more, these things we are going to get in another article.

Start a foundation stone for winning by playing your poker to the top 24 starting hands. Are the only hands I play? Or the only hands I think you should always play? Of course not. For some it may be all they’ll ever play, but for most this will be only a starting point. In another article I will talk about adding hands in the top 24 starting hands.

There are two problems that you get when you play in the weak starting hands. First, you put money in the pot when you transfer the call to make you lose with high probability. You will probably have the weakest or one of the weaker starting hands and from the start at a disadvantage.

Second, if a player on the left side raises, probably to fold her, and not even a shot at the pot. So you can not have much money, of course, have given, to give, but a little here and a little there over the course of a session adds up over time and may increase the difference or losing money.

So to start turning your game play only for the top 24 starting hands. They are in this order:

1 AA-AK 9 17 88
2 KK 10 KQs 18 QTs
3 QQ 11 ATs 19 A9s
4 JJ 12 KJ 20 AJ
5 AKs (suited) 13 AQ 21 JTs
TT 6 14 99 22 KQ
Additional Qualifications 7 15 23 QJs A8s
8 AJ 16 KT 24 AT

Surprised by the hand rankings?

If you consistently have good starting hands, probably better than your opponents you are consistent, to win in positions with a good chance. Your decision-making is also much easier.

Well, if it nine players at the table, if you act in the first two positions (the first two digits to the left of the big blind) I suggest that you play only the top fourteen hands.

The main objection I hear of this approach is, “If all I play is the top 24 hands, which I so often that the game boring wrinkles”. Well, I think the victory is thrilling, and losing is worse than boring, it stinks!

It is true that if you only play top hands, the game can be quite slow. But use this time to watch the other players and see what they do. What kind of cards they play, what cards they increase with what to do with calling, etc. Most online players make very little effort to really pay attention to what the other players do, and it is costing them money.

Once you find the strategies that are down, you make money, if you want more action, more than one table play at a time. Try the two tables, which makes things much more alive. I play often as many as six tables simultaneously (you need a large monitor). But I find that 2-4 tables at the same time, where I make the most money. More and I think good decision slips, and it’s hard to watch the other players to see how they play.

The second objection I hear is “conservative players get no action.” Well, that’s mostly BS. Players come and go too often at the tables to notice. Half of the players are from the table until they’ve had enough, know your game tight seen away. Most of the others either did not notice or do not know what to do. So maybe a player sees what you are doing and know when to avoid, but there is a whole table full of players who are blind for what you are doing.

Now this is not an article about how you bet, but it would be a mistake to say that without playing hands on about pre-flop betting.

Large hands can get run down, and the more people in one hand, the more likely it happened. Remember, though, many players play any kind of garbage they get their hands on. Someone wants to play, 34s (suited), like someone their JT, another has 55, and Daniel Negreanu will play his T7, for it is his favorite hand. If your session from KK and all these players are in the hand, there is a good chance one of them will hit something and hit you. But let’s say your only against the guy with 55 to win 80% of your chance!

We usually want only one or two other players in the hand, so that our side has a better chance of holding. In some hands like 88, I really want only one other player in the hand. With more players, it is far too easy for someone who made a better couple. In some hands, I can not mind two or even three players in the hand, especially hands with flush potential.

First, we must think about how many players we think in his hand, and then bet accordingly. How much you bet, should depend on how people bet on the table, and your position at the table.

In each of these hands I will not just call the big blind. If I’m going to raise, except for an occasional call for a change to the first I bet. Remember, though, that we know how many players we want to have in your hand. If there is very little pre-flop increase at the table, you may just want to bet 2-4 times the big blind to get the right amount of players, and do not scare all out. At a more aggressive table you need to bet 3 to 5 times the big blind or more.

Usually in the early position, it is best to bet a little more to ensure that you do not get too many players in the hand. In late position when no one bet before you, you do not want too much that you will not be called by anyone, but enough to live discouraged more action than you.

If you are in late position and two players have limped into the pot with a call, and you still have one or two players and the blinds to act yet again about what bet it will take until the number of players to think in the pot you are looking for.

So Rule # 1 Play good starting hands. And learn to play well. The whole idea is in the pot only if you have money a good chance of winning the hand.