Is Online Gaming Industry Recession Proof?

The good news is that the growth in the popularity of online gaming sites is injected, the interest in traditional gambling sector with an increasing number of players including casinos and bingo halls in their regular entertainment. Ernst & Young’s statistics, however, that some parts of the industry with already due to adverse regulatory changes while other parts are still untested suffered due to the recession.

Ernst & Young is the online effect in the ability to players from around the world to win such a huge advantage over traditional gaming. Some of the top online poker rooms like Full Tilt Poker’s traffic peak time of more than 20,000 unique users from the USA, UK, Europe and Australia, for example. Unlike traditional land based casinos, there is no limit on the number of players that can support the site and no additional cost for the increased capacity. Land-based casino have large expenses in staff wages, regulatory costs and overheads, which avoids the online gaming sector.

“The online gaming industry is probably better than other gaming sub-sectors to do since it not only depends on the state of the UK economy, it is still going through a growth phase and with consumers save money by home to me I think it will be a winner. “commented the head of hospitality and leisure at Ernst & Young, Cameron Cartmell.

Online gaming operators can also take solace in the fact that people are always more at home and placing low stakes online and that because online gaming attracts a younger audience, it means that players are less of declining shares or property prices affected.

Last year, the strength and stability of the online gambling industry was reinforced when Google lifted their ban on paid advertising for UK licensed operators.

Much of the growing popularity comes from big financial benefits that online gambling operators offer players. For years, online poker rooms massive deposit bonuses and loyalty programs have offered. Since 2004, online poker players even a system as rakeback have known, which is similar to a cash-back scheme to enjoy. These types of actions are because of the close relations the operators with the affiliates unique in the online gaming industry.

One can only wonder if the newly appointed president-friendly online gambling and continued appetite for online gambling will force the U.S. government to step up their anti-online gambling laws in order to re-evaluate to one of the few industries that is probably it, but not only weather the recession benefit actually grow.